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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

himba maori zulu

Tucked away in the bush of northern Namibia lives one of the most interesting tribes you’ll ever meet. If you didn’t know abut them you could easily drive right past. Tucked away behind small hills, deep within the thick green trees and down small sandy tracks tiny villages exist because of the handwork of its residents. No water mains run out here, no power lines bring any form of energy, no postal services deliver and very few maps even bother to print the name on the map.
 The Himba tribe of northern Namibia must easily be on of the worlds most authentic tribes living a very traditional life that has only changed slightly with the arrival of westerners.
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Sunday, 4 November 2012

muslim sila playboy

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the sex street of london

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  • Bruton Street

  • Slightly off-the-wall, yet still totally chic, Bruton Street is lined with some absolutely delightful London shops. Holland & Holland Historic Gun Company (est. 1835) is the place to go to get chic outerwear for yomping in the country (or parading in the city), or the equally eccentric Maison Martin Margiela stocks highbrow Belgian fashion for those in the know. Matthew Williamson features whimsical, colourful clothing - his sexy, flowing frocks for socialites are a speciality. If not on the hunt for pricey clothing, Miller Harris is the origin of many haute hotels' toiletries, selling beautiful fragrances and even housing a bijou tearoom, serving Lyn Harris' own blends. Stella McCartney's shop is another of Hg2's favourites, delivering understated eveningwear and vegetarian shoes from the daughter of a Beatle

Sunday, 21 October 2012

house near near mantua around 86,000pounds

Fotoin piccola corte, comoda a tutti servizi , porzione di casa disposta su due livelli, da ristrutturare: composta da soggiorno,cucina, bagno e tre letto Welcome any comments.
on 3 levels, needs a bit of work, su

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

street life

This done, I lay down at the foot of a tree, with my saddle for a pillow, and saddle-blanket for a cover. Some soldiers near me having built a fire, were making coffee, and I guess I must have been looking on wistfully, for in a little while they brought me a tin-cupful of the coffee and a small piece of hard bread, which I relished keenly, it being the first food that had passed my lips since the night before. I was very tired, very hungry, and much discouraged by what had taken place since morning. I had been obliged to fight my command under the most disadvantageous circumstances, disconnected, without supports, without even opportunity to form in line of battle, and at one time contending against four divisions of the enemy. In this battle of Chickamauga, out of an effective strength Of 4,000 bayonets, I had lost 1,517 officers and men, including two brigade commanders. This was not satisfactory indeed, it was most depressing—and then there was much confusion prevailing around Rossville; and, this condition of things doubtless increasing my gloomy reflections, it did not seem to me that the outlook for the next day was at all auspicious, unless the enemy was slow to improve his present advantage. Exhaustion soon quieted all forebodings, though, and I fell into a sound sleep, from which I was not aroused till daylight

Saturday, 16 July 2011